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Traditional VS TooWrite

Which is simpler to write?

An essay or the answers to a questionnaire?


The traditional approach to scientific writing is a literary one, akin to writing an essay. The drafting process is lengthy, exhausting, and fraught with accessibility issues, resulting in fewer publications and less time spent performing research.

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On the TooWrite Platform scientific writing is more akin to answering a self-composed questionnaire. The result is more publications being written and shared with the STEM community, while allowing a higher proportion of time and energy to be spent focusing on the research that matters.

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Here's how it works

The first component of the TooWrite Platform to be released is TooWrite Abstracts

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Map out a compelling storyline for your abstract by making selections from and arranging TooWrite’s collection of narrative-building-blocks.

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Each narrative-building-block selected in Stage 1 is converted into a question which you will now answer, aided by example answers and formulaic writing techniques.

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Each of your answers are combined to form a single cohesive draft, ready to be edited and downloaded.

Here are the results

Writing time

Reduced by up to 96%

Mental health

Protected & burn-out avoided


Optimised for neurotype, native language, and care responsibilities


“This is a milestone in academia. I can see how important this is, it is so clear this is the future. I have no words to describe the amount of genius in this method. I truly believe this solution will benefit the scientific community around the globe, and I want a better world.”
A scientist from The British Museum

Case Studies

TooWrite Abstracts

The average time to write an abstract is 6 weeks. A non-native English speaking scientist from The British Museum used TooWrite Abstracts to write a 350 word abstract in 26 minutes flat.

TooWrite Papers

A group of scientists spent 3 years writing the methods and discussion sections of a lengthy literature review. They were provided with a prototype of TooWrite Papers and 4 hours later they had written the abstract and introduction, completing their paper.

TooWrite Abstracts

A non-native English speaking scientist from Bart’s Cancer Institute had attempted to write a particularly challenging abstract over the course of 20+ unsuccessful drafts. They tried TooWrite Abstracts and within 29 minutes they had written a 400 word abstract of publishable quality.

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