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We are TSWR - a movement led by academics to revolutionise scientific writing.
As a vehicle for change in the STEM community we have 2 central missions: 
1) To close the opportunities gap so that every scientist has equal access to publishing and career advancement
2) To advance the collective research & innovation capabilities of the scientific community through enhanced data-sharing & community collaboration.

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how it all began

Meet Algernon.

Towards the end of 2019, Algernon found himself in an exciting position. After 4 years of doctoral work at Bart's Cancer Institute, he had completed his PHD research with a proven hypothesis and the offer of a post doc. The only thing left to do was write up his successes in a thesis. However what should have felt like a victory lap instead came to feel like yet another hurdle to overcome. After 12 months of diligent writing he only had a few thousand words to show for it.

So what was this scientist to do when finding themselves faced with a literary challenge? They asked a literature academic for help.

After trying all traditional methods, Ivy decided to create a whole new method of writing for Algernon in the hopes it'd help things along, at least a little.

25 working hours later, Algernon returned with 16,000 words in tow.[cue record scratch]

Which then passed viva with only minor corrections.
[the record's off the turntable entirely]

Ivy and Alge turned to one another and said "huh...what if every scientist had access to this method?"

Where we're going

The Science Writing Revolution is a community-driven movement - yes - but what are we moving towards?
Man in shirt writing on papers with pen

the opportunity gap closed for good

What do we mean when we say 'opportunity gap'?

We are referring to the yawning chasm between scientists with the most opportunities for publishing (and thus career advancement) and those with the fewest. This gap is fuelled by a multitude of accessibility factors, including neurotype, native language, even childcare responsibilities at home.

Not only does this inequality do an injustice to individuals, but also to the scientific community as a whole. Promising careers are going un-advanced, data is going unshared, and progress as a whole is being hampered.

Our movement is set to change this by introducing a method that is accessible and customisable to all scientists, equalising opportunities for publishing and advancement, thus closing the gap for good.

Audience of hundreds of people facing the stage at a conference

research & innovation advanced

Data-sharing is the life-blood of research and innovation in science. Through papers we share with the global STEM community new discoveries, disproven hypotheses, improved (and unsuccessful) methods for research. Publishing acts as a catalyst for a further cycle of research, inspiring hypotheses and informing how funding may best be directed. However, this catalyst (and thus progress) is being dampened  by the relatively low proportion of data being shared. The cause? The high resource cost of writing academic papers. With many papers taking between 3 and 16 months to write, necessity dictates that information be prioritised, with ultimately only a relatively small portion of data being shared.

TSWR seeks to remove this obstacle by providing a method that is capable of dramatically reducing the resource cost of writing scientific papers, and in so doing maximise the data-sharing capabilities of each scientist and accelerate the cycle of innovation in STEM.

how it's going

TSWR was officially set in motion in the May of 2020 and is fast accelerating towards the TooWrite launch date, expected in the Winter of 2021. Between our inauguration and now we've had a host of exciting updates to share with you all, but we've cherry-picked our favourites (below) to give you a snapshot of what we've been up to.

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Our Investors

TSWR is being backed by the brilliant London-based 'tech for good' VC fund, Bethnal Green Ventures. The funds will be used to develop the first generation of our TooWrite software, completing the first step towards achieving the BGV goal of positively affecting the lives of 100 million individuals.

User Interviews

This is our favourite part of any day: talking to all of you! We've been interviewing scientists of all disciplines and origins, learning what makes you tick, and what parts of the writing process tick you off the most. Want to get involved? Drop us a note at the bottom of this page.


TSWR is assembling a dream team of academic partners to power our movement forward and collaborate in the R&D of our revolutionary software. We are already joined by ASPECT International (a collaboration of 13 UK universities, inc. Oxford & Glasgow) and are soon to be partnered officially with The University of Sussex.

Beta Testing

Work tabletop with laptop and other work items

We are continuing to beta-test the TooWrite method with a multitude of scientists across various fields. Our favourite so far? An intervention study that saw the first half of a paper written using traditional methods over 2 years, and the second half written via TooWrite in only 4 hours. How's that for progress?

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