The revolutionary software method designed by researchers for researchers.


for academic writing

TooWrite is the revolutionary web-platform that combines the science of productivity, collaboration, learning, and accessibility to form the ultimate writing tool that empowers scientists to maximise their capacity to write and publish while safeguarding their mental health.

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The productivity tool with mental health in mind

How does writing a paper in 5 days sound? Like magic? Or science.

With our scientific approach to workflow in high-stress environments, TooWrite can reduce the time and financial cost of writing by up to 96% while maintaining a healthy work / life balance for users.

a collaboration tool for the modern research team

Language-barriers, purse-based politics, who has time for it - right?

Collaborating with co-authors has never been smoother for international and interdisciplinary teams. TooWrite lets teams assign tasks, track progress, and communicate effectively about aligned goals.

a writing tool accessible to all scientists

(It's 2021 - how is this considered a feature and not just a given, honestly)

With our suite of forever free accessibility tools, TooWrite can be adapted to suit each user's unique needs. From neurodivergence and language barriers to working parents, TooWrite has got you covered.

The optimum tool for teaching scientific story-telling

Learning without adding to your to-do list? Sounds like just what the PhD ordered.

The ability to share data through story-telling is one of the key skills required for any scientist's arsenal, whether that be for sharing research via publishing or conducting a seminar with students. TooWrite's modular approach to the writing process teaches scientists the process of constructing a storyline, step by step, through repetition and assisted practice.

when can i start using toowrite?

TSWR expects to launch TooWrite in the Winter of 2021 with party poppers and a flurry of emails sent out to those that have subscribed to our newsletter.

Determined to access TooWrite before then? - We like your style.

While we test and tinker with the TooWrite system over the autumn months we'll be selectively recruiting beta-testers to be given a TooWrite account in return for feedback. You can catch our open calls for beta-testers via our newsletter so subscribe now to snag an open spot the moment they're released.

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